Legacies - Loop Pack

Legacies - Loop Pack

Slap Dynamix
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What is Legacies? 

Inspired by Pythagoras the famous Greek mathematician and philosopher. Pythagoras theorized that perfect tuning was A @ 432 Hz. I know your DAW says 440, that's modern tuning. Anyway we wanted to hit on a couple of different styles with this one AND keep it a little weird as we always will.

We've cooked up 25 dope loops for you to use in your productions. 

We hope you enjoy this release.

Legacies is suitable for: 

Trap, Hard Trap, Hip Hop, EDM, Reggaeton


All files delivered via Instant Download after check out. 

Format & Compatibility:

All sounds are rendered in 24 bit .wav files that will work in any DAW which uses this format.


All sounds are 100% original and designed by the producers at Slap Dynamix LLC. 

All sounds are 100% royalty free. However repackaging, rebranding, and redistribution are strictly prohibited.