KalimBuzz - Kalimba One Shot Pack

KalimBuzz - Kalimba One Shot Pack

Slap Dynamix
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We love the tone of a Kalimba in our beats but don't like the sound of some of the patches built in to our DAWs and VST's. They're either overly bright and plastic sounding or too dull and percussive.  We went out and Grabbed a real Kalimba to record our own samples to taste and use for making beats. We decided to make it a one shot pack for the producer community. 

This release features 3 sets of one shots covering the 17 notes the Kalimba plays, ranging from C3 to E5 we've also included a refill for Reason Studios NNXT Sampler (for versions 8.5 and higher.)

Dry Kalimba - Standard processing was used on this set which includes analog eq and compresson on the way in.  

Tape Kalimba - Got busy with some effects to open up the sound and give it a nice clean tape wobble effect. 

Trash Kalimba - Who doesn't like digital saturation and delay for effect? 

you definitely want to add this pack to your production tool bag.



KalimBuzz is suitable for: 

Trap, Hard Trap, Hip Hop, EDM, Reggaeton


All files delivered via Instant Download after check out. 

Format & Compatibility:

All sounds are rendered in 24 bit .wav files that will work in any DAW which uses this format.


All sounds are 100% original and designed by the producers at Slap Dynamix LLC.

All sounds are 100% royalty free. However repackaging, rebranding, and redistribution are strictly prohibited.