Q: Who is Slap Dynamix?
A: Slap Dynamix is a team of producers from varying genres of music who have come together towards one goal: Helping other producers. We design and create sample packs from original sound and content that we create 100% in our lab. 

Q: What is a Lab?

A: We like to consider ourselves "Scientists behind the boards". The term Lab / Laboratory refers to our our studios and we also refer to our sample packs as "Lab Kits or Packs" as a humorous reference to our overall scientific theme.


Q: What payment options are available?
A: We accept payment by credit card (VISA / MasterCard / AMERICAN EXPRESS / JCB / Diner’s Club International / Union Pay), ELO, Apple Pay, G Pay and PayPal.

Q: How secure is your online shop?
A: Our shop uses SSL encryption for your protection. The encrypted information of your order, your name, address, credit card or bank details cannot be read by any third party. Credit card payments will also be verified through the official 3D secure procedure.

Q: What do I get with my purchase?
A: Our sample packs are only available digitally. After you check out you get an instant download link to you purchase. You will also get an email with all download links. The download contains a valid copy of the product and a license agreement.

Q: How long will delivery take?
A: You get an instant download right after your purchase. Both through our website and via mail in your inbox.

Q: I didn't get any order confirmation mail.
A: It might happen that your mail provider blocks our confirmation email. So please check your spam folder first. It could also happen that you entered the wrong email address at checkout by accident. In this case please contact our support team here and tell them your name, ordering date, your purchased items and mail address used at checkout.

Q: My download is lost. How can I get a new download link?
A: You can either sign into your account with your email address or you can request a new download link via our contact form. Please add your order number, purchased items, name and mail address used at checkout. The more information we have the easier we can find your order.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can submit a request with in 14 days of purchase for review. One of our agents will reach out to you. 


Q: Which program do I need to use your products?
A: Our sample packs include 24bit .wav files, that can be used with every music and movie program. If you want to use our packs for creating music you need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Typical examples of a DAW are FL Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Cubase, Logic Pro X or Pro Tools. If you want to import our samples to your movie program you can mostly drag and drop the sounds directly into your project.  


Q: Are your samples royalty free?
A: Yes, our samples are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects such as album, iTunes and Spotify releases as well as movies, video games or Youtube videos. However, you are not allowed to redistribute or repack our samples and music. Rendering project files and releasing the exact songs as your own original content is not allowed.

Q: What does "royalty free" mean?
A: Royalty-free (RF) material subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights may be used without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use, per each copy or volume sold or some time period of use or sales (Source: Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royalty-free).

You acquire the ongoing usage license with a one-time payment.

This means, that you can use our samples in your commercial projects and you don't have to pay us royalties.

Q: What are the limitations of your license?
A: You may not use our samples as standalone sound effects or loops, or to create new samples. You also may not transfer, broadcast, stream, redistribute or use our samples except as incorporated into a music or any other media project.

Q: Do I have the ownership of my composition?
A: You have ownership of your composition made with our samples. However, you don’t own the copyright to our samples. We don't grant exclusive licenses. Our other customers can use the same samples without infringing on your track and vice versa.

Q: Do I have the ownership of the samples that I have bought?
A: With your purchase you acquire a usage license of the included sounds/files. However, you do not own the copyright to the samples, which is held by SLAP DYNAMIX LLC. You are allowed to use all samples in your (commercial) music and media projects.

Q: Do I need to give you credit?
A: No, there is no need to give us credit. We do this for you. 

Q: Am I allowed to use the name of sound designers?
A: You are not allowed to use the name or likeness of creators whose samples/vocals/acapellas are distributed on slapdynamix.com.

**Some examples of using the name of likeness of an artist/vocalist would be to include a photo of them when promoting your track, crediting them as a feature on your track, and/or including them as a contributor to the track for splitting royalties.

Q: Youtube claims
A: You are not allowed to claim any video because of the use of our samples/vocals/acapellas/loops. In turn, no one else is allowed to claim your video because of the use of our sounds. So, if anyone will claim your video please contact our support team and tell them exactly which video from you was claimed and who did it.