About Us

Slap Dynamix is a team of producers focused on helping other producers and pushing boundaries. Motivated by the realization that there is a vast amount of producers and beat makers that truly want to create and stand out but aren't being catered to. Slap Dynamix fills that void and provides unique sample packs for producers and beat makers that want to be different. That aren't afraid to experiment and try new things. 

We're crazy about sound and media. As producers we know how important it is to have high quality sounds to work with when creativity strikes. We also know how to get inspired when we're not feeling so creative. Music speaks to and from the soul, and all you need is to be at the right vibration. That's why our aim is to inspire.

We take our time to curate and create sounds that are a just enough out side of the box to give our customers something to tweak and run with. We like to think we're engineering inspiration in our labs so you can get cooking in yours. 


All sounds are designed and custom made by Slap Dynamix LLC.**