Top 6 FREE VST Compressors 2021

If you read our other article 5 Compression Tips For A Professional Sounding Mix you now know the basics of compression and compressors along with a couple of tips on how to go about using them. I named a couple of compressors that are good and useful but I have a couple of free vst compressors that I also use that are pretty awesome and I want to share them with you. I'm not going to get too technical there are a ton of articles that do. Instead I'm going to focus on why I like these in particular. 

Xfer Ott

1. Xfer: OTT - I love how this compressor opens things up when I'm working on edm tracks. It's aggressive but clean and adds something almost magical to the signal. This is for sure on of my favorites. 

Download OTT Here


2. Klanghelm: MJUC jr. - I touched on this one in another article but just incase anyone missed it. This compressor is great for master bus and vocals. It's slow and smooth and transparent. When I do use this compressor I do so pretty lightly (usually just for some contour) because it's at the end of my in the box mix and I usually go to an out board VCA style compressor for glue. 

Download MJUC jr. Here


3. Analog Obsession: Fetish - This is a really cool emulation of the 1176 FET style compressor designed by Rıdvan Küçük. I haven't come across many really good FET compressor emulations that are free but this one here is a winner. Pair this up with something like Frontier or the ADHD Levelling Tool and you'll be on to something real nice. Analog Obsession has move their library over to Patreon the plugins are still free but make sure you show support especially if this plugin is useful to you. 

Download Fetish Here


4. Tokyo Dawn Records: Kotelnikov - This is a mastering compressor but I sometimes use it for sounds I want to tame but don't want to make compression obvious. It's super super transparent and subtle and sometimes that's what you need. This plugin punches way above its weight and I think anyone that tries it will agree. 

Download Kotelnikov Here 


5. D16 Group: Frontier - This plugin is a handy "all arounder." It's easy to use and easier to get creative with. When I'm unsure what I'm looking for I slap one of these on the track and tweak away. with the auto make up gain feature it's easy to just focus on the sound im working on and getting to a sound I'm happy with. 

Download Frontier Here


6. ADHD Audio tools: Leveling Tool - This is an Optical compressor kind of like the LA2A except this one's got extra controls to dial in what you're looking for. This plugin comes in very handy while mixing. Depending on what I'm working on I'll use this sometimes over the CLA-2A from Waves. 

Download Levelling Tool Here


Conclusion: Well this was fun I hope you try some or all of these out but even more, I hope they're helpful to you. 


If you're looking for some more free VST's I think are great check out 

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