Satellite Sessions - Collaborate right in your DAW!

Mixed in Key has come through with a real game changer.  A cross platform plug in that lets you share your session with collaborators with out having to export and email stems. Yes, they've eliminated the need to spend all of that time it takes to export your sessions. This plug in is in Beta right now but it's free  

Satellite Sessions 2.0 is a plug in you insert as an instrument into your DAW that will send and receive data to and from a cloud based session that you can invite other musicians to join. 

Share Ideas, show clients your progress, Jam with your friends and no one has to leave home.    

It's a Free Download on Set up an account, have your collaborators do the same, set up a session and make some great music. 

Here's a screen grab that shows compatibility from their download page. There is also video of some one using it in Cakewalk on youtube. 

We just thought this was so good we had to share it. 

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