Amazing Places For Artists and Producers to have Photoshoots - Krog Street Tunnel

I was recently in Atlanta visiting family and scouting places to grab some quick photos for my artist portfolio (which both artists AND producers should have) when I came across a GEM... Krog Street Tunnel and its surrounding area. can feel the soul and beat of the area in your body. There's just a vibe and life in this neighborhood that just felt like home to me. Anyway, I drove past the tunnel and noticed that it is completely bombed with graffiti both inside and outside and said "I gotta park and grab some shots here." I didn't have my lights or even a speed light with me but I made due. I had two other invaluable helpers with me. My girlfriend and my sister.   

The art in this tunnel is really something. Next time I'm in the city I'm going to look for more but for now I'm going to share some shots from in the tunnel. 

This one is probably my favorite. The world could use a little more of this vibe. 

Lots of these scooter and bikes coming through here so it might be best to do a shoot either real early or real late. to reduce interuptions. 

This one is right at the entrance. Looks like it's covering some other art but it's a great tribute. 

Some of the art is odd and quirky and that's dope.

There's no shortage of color here so you have a good palette to play with in your shots.

Actually caught someone shooting a video while we were here. Song was dope but I didn't want to interupt. 

The cars coming through add effect to certain shots. These next few were shot in the surrounding area. I actually stumbled onto the train yard at the bottom while circling back to find parking and caught a train with some more graffiti on it. 

All in all this area is pretty dope for photo and video shoots. If you're a recording artist or producer are in or close to here and got a camera or photographer handy I highly recommend you check out this area. Krog Street Tunnel is located at 1 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307.


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