5 Amazing Free VST Instruments 2021

You probably know how hard it is to find good free vsti's to add to your production rig. So we're sharing a few of the one's we've found and use in ours. 


Ample Sound

These guys have some really great sounding FREE VSTi guitars that you can strum chords on and are easy to use.  

Ample Guitar

Ample Guitar M Lite (AGML) Is modelled on an acoustic guitar. Would be good accompanied by other sounds in a mix. Sounds a little plucky by itself.

Ample Bass

Ample Bass P Lite (ABPL) Is modelled on a bass guitar. We really like this over the stock bass patches in Reason.  

Together they can create some really great sounding tracks. 

Download Here


Spitfire Audio


LABS is one of our favorite free vsti plugins. It's just so versatile and organic sounding. Even if you never go past the first patch you could create some deep and moody melodies with out much effort. But they have so many free patches available and the tweakable parameters just make them that much better. You should definitely give this plug in a try. 

Download Here


BBC Symphony Orchestra

BBC Symphony Orchestra is another plug in from Spitfire that gets used frequently in our studio. Perfect for adding cinematic or dramatic layers to your beats. It's $49 on their site but there is an option to get it for FREE by filling out a questionaire. 

Download Here 


Sound Magic 

Piano One

Piano One is modelled after the Yamaha C7 Concert Grand. Personally it doesn't nail it 100% but it gets you close and it's free. We find it's really good for strong piano parts.  

Download here


Conclusion: While these aren't exactly the real thing, with a bit of processing you can make really amazing beats using these. Keep in mind that it's more about the Sculptor than it is about tools he/she uses to sculpt. But go ahead and add these to your rig and do what you do best. 

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