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  • 7 Things EVERY New Music Producer Should Invest In ASAP

    So you've decided to be a producer... this is not an easy path but if you're set on it I have some advice to give you. It's all good to have a dream. It's great to have a plan to go with that dream. But, in order to make that dream happen you have to take action. To take action means you believe in what you're about to do and trust me... You're about to do great things. I just want to let you know that in order to get to those things you're going to have to invest in yourself. Time, money and frustation is the cost to be a successful producer. All worth it though. I put together this short list of things that will help you along your way. 


  • Essentials for the "OTG" Producer.

      As a producer you may need to work "on the go" in different settings and environments. But, as you move around between studios and workspaces yo...
  • The Best 61 Key Midi Controllers 2021 Edition

    While it's not entirely necessary to get the job done, a midi keyboard controller sure does make it easier to put down those ideas and vibes. Thro...
  • EQ tips for better Mixes

    EQ is one of the most important parts of mixing. It helps you acheive the balance and effect you're looking for. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules for using eq in your music which makes this a bit of a difficult skill to master. I've been mixing music for more than 15 years and have learned and experimented a lot in that time. I'm going to share some tips with you that will help you get to better mixes.   
  • Amazing Places For Artists and Producers to have Photoshoots - Krog Street Tunnel

    I was recently in Atlanta visiting family and scouting places to grab some quick photos for my artist portfolio (which both artists AND producers should have) when I came across a GEM... Krog Street Tunnel 
  • Top 6 FREE VST Compressors 2021

    If you read our other article 5 Compression Tips For A Professional Sounding Mix you now know the basics of compression and compressors along with...
  • 5 Compression Tips For A Professional Sounding Mix

    A compressor is a device or software designed to reduce the gain of a signal once that signal hits a pre-set threshold. This also reduces the dynamic range of that signal (dynamic range is the difference between the loudest peak of that signal to the most quiet peaks.) While that may sound like it'll make things less exciting it's actually a good thing because it will lower the louder peaks and even out notes that might stick out so that you could bring up the over-all volume on that signal while minimizing the chance of it clipping.  
  • Satellite Sessions - Collaborate right in your DAW!

    Mixed in Key has come through with a real game changer.  A cross platform plug in that lets you share your session with collaborators with out having to export and email stems.
  • 5 Amazing Free VST Instruments 2021

    You probably know how hard it is to find good free vsti's to add to your production rig. So we're sharing a few of the one's we've found and use i...